Website refresh

It might be the height of self-absorption to write about a site redesign, but a few things bear explanation. The original design was coming up on two years old, and it was steadily becoming a poor reflection of what I've been doing for people lately. It's not unlike the long-haired barber or the cobbler whose kids don't have nice shoes. When you design sites (among other things) for clients, it's hard to make time for your own. But a few late nights and some serious thinking have resulted in what you see now.

Several major changes are reflected in this design, most notably the high-level categories of Marketing Communications, Sales Support and Branding & Identity. I was tired of talking so much about myself, my process, my background, and other general noise. I just wanted to get out of the way and show the work, which is what lots of people are looking for when they visit (according to the analytics). This also meant making the blog a secondary page instead of the first thing you see. I'm really okay with that... again, trying to reduce the verbal noise. I also ditched the twitter feed. (The link is in the footer.)

The "services" page has gone away now, too. I decided to show instead of tell, especially since there was a lot of marketing-speak in there and I was starting to sound less and less like a normal person. Nobody was downloading the e-book, so that's gone as well. 

So what's new? The width, for one thing. The old site was too narrow for modern browsers. The most significant revision, though, is the overall message. I've done some rebranding for clients and taken them through exercises to articulate their brand essence and promise, their personality. My own introspection helped me realize the older "tell your story" message was weak and too general. "Look your best. Say it well." is a lot more precise and is exactly what I help people do.

It may take a little time to discover little things that need to be adjusted or tweaked in the new design. In the meantime, try to adjust to the smell of fresh pixels.

Update 12/6/12: I've updated the design again, and thought about deleting this post. But it's helpful to see how it was a stepping-stone to what I have today. I've simplified the site even further, bringing the "about," "contact" and "testimonials" pages together, and making that the home page. That decision was made after looking at site traffic and where most people spent time. I also reworked the portfolio, because I wanted visitors to be able to filter the items based on categories. In the interest of relentless simplicity, it's now just three pages, but still contains what most people come here looking for. I hope you like it.