I just stumbled across this thought from David Seah

"I think the key element is having the guts to tell a story that people can buy into, [which] means you are putting yourself on the line. It's leadership. It's political. It's impossible to appeal to everyone, and yet everyone has the right to cast their judgment on you."

Pretty sure I agree with that. The greatest stories are vulnerable, honest, and real. It does take guts to tell those stories, but that's the price of admission if we want real buy-in. Safe stories get safe buy-in... lip service and loose handshakes. When we put it all out there and say what we really mean, there's a pretty good chance that those who engage with our stories (and us) are clear about where we're coming from. The risk of being that honest is obvious: people can disagree, or decide they aren't interested. But the opposite can happen. In fact, it's the only way to truly know if someone is interested in your story or agrees with your approach. The story people can reject is also the one they can buy into.