Knights (and dames) of the roundtable

Great article today by Katelin Ryan on the Ad Council blog. She put a ten-dollar rhyme in the title, and it gets better from there... it's a good read for kick-starting your strategic thinking. Among other things, she suggests volunteering for a strategic roundtable, which I can't recommend highly enough. Aside from the notable benefits she described, here's why I love participating:

  • Collaboration with other professionals. I typically work in isolation, and am always energized by spending the morning with a) other creative people, b) the Ad Council staff and c) clients who are passionate about helping others through their organization. 
  • Applying old solutions to new problems. So many of my roundtable experiences have been great reminders that creativity is less about coming up with something completely new and more about connecting two or three existing ideas in a new way. I've sat in amazement at other volunteers who make connections between things I dismissed in my own head. (Never dismiss an idea during brainstorming, by the way... Katelin, I owe you a dollar.)
  • Time in the mirror. Without exception, as I'm driving back from a roundtable, I find myself daydreaming about my own marketing challenges and ways I could incorporate the morning's ideas into my own business. The combination of focused brainstorming with a 20-minute drive is powerful and always fruitful.

If you're in Rochester and haven't spent time with the Ad Council, you're going to regret it... and our non-profits need your expertise. I hope to see you there!